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Arctic Choc was established in Espoo, Finland in December 2014. We specialize in handmade organic chocolates which are made from as pure ingredients as possible, without any harmful additives or preservatives.

We like experimenting with flavors and therefore there will always be some very unique chocolate fillings – we recommend you to be broad minded and try the most unusual chocolate flavors you will find in our assortment!

How We Do

All our chocolates and sweets are handmade and this way we can guarantee each products’ 100% quality, look and flavor. We only use organic and the most purest and freshest ingredients there are available. Our confectionery’s shelf life is around three to eight weeks; this guarantees that our products are always fresh and therefore the flavors are at their very best!

Our Values

The quality of our ingredients is the key to the successful flavors. We always aim to use natural, pure and above all Finnish ingredients whenever possible. Finnish nature and different seasonal ingredients will always be one source of our inspiration throughout the year.


Our Chocolates Are

Gluten Free

No Additives

No Harmful Preservatives

Organic (FI-EKO-201)

Handmade in Finland

Meet Us

Brynley Phipps

Bryn Phipps


Bryn was born in England and moved to Finland in 2014. Bryn has been working in the catering industry since 2006. He has worked for example in Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Restaurant, Searcys at the Gherkin in London, Prestat Marasu and with Britain’s best Chocolatier William Curley. After moving to Finland he worked as a Pastry Chef in Tomi Björck’s Gaijin restaurant in Helsinki.

Tiia Westman

Tiia Westman

Sales & Marketing/Owner

Tiia was born in Finland, moved to England in 2010 and returned back to Finland in 2014. She studied International Travel and Tourism Management (BA Hons) in London and graduated in 2014. She has experience i.e. in retail, travel and tourism industries and has worked in several different supervisory roles. After returning back to Finland Tiia worked in sales and marketing for a while as well as at Helsinki Airport.

What Is Organic Chocolate?

The most important difference between so called ‘standard’ and organic chocolate is, that the cacao trees or beans have not been treated with any harmful chemicals, pesticides or fertilizers. The trees are let to grow in their favorite place, in a shade and therefore the organic cacao farming is based mainly on crop rotation.  Our organic chocolate also supports the principles of fair trade so its’ ethical origin.

There are no harmful additives or preservatives, or anything that doesn’t belong into chocolate. Just the different techniques and locations when it comes to growing the cacao trees will affect on the final taste of the product. Therefore we could also argue that organic chocolate is much smoother and just few bites will satisfy your taste buds!

Cocoa Nibs

About Our Chocolate

All our chocolate is organic. Our cocoa beans grow in West Africa in Cote D’Ivoire and in Madagascar island just outside Africa. The cocoa beans are then being sent to Europe to our chocolate mass makers and after that it is sent to us. We then make the final chocolate products by hand by using the purest and highest quality ingredients available. Our chocolate supports the ‘Growing Great Chocolate’-program, that aims to the following:

Growing Cocoa Quality

The farmers are being taught how to take better care of the plantations, soil and cocoa trees. They are also being taught more about i.e. fermentation and drying the beans.

Growing Quality of Life

To improve the life of the local people, farmers and their families. This makes it possible to access the health care, education and clean water. The use of child labor in cacao farms is being reduced by educating the young adults and children.

Growing Farmer Income

All cocoa trading is being done without any middlemen so that the farmers receive a fair amount of money for their beans.

cocoa bean

For Businesses

Marketing Solutions

Make your business sweeter!

We help you to maintain your business relationships – whether it was your clients, customers or employees, the road to success is through one’s stomach!

All our products can be customized; you decide what, how and when! You choose the packaging*, printing, the flavour and look of the chocolate and we will take care of the rest!

*Please note that depending on the desired packaging we require you to order at least four weeks in advance and minimum orders apply.

Ask for example about the following services or products:

  • Business/Corporate Gifts
  • Customer Care Gifts
  • Exhibitions & Events
  • PR Gifts
  • Staff Rewards
  • Christmas Presents

Interested In Reselling Our Products?

Are you interested in reselling our products? Please contact us for more info!


+35840 160 5070 (Tiia)

+35840 160 5079 (Bryn)

Interested In Private Label Products?

Are you interested in private label products? Please contact us for more info!


+35840 160 5070 (Tiia)

+35840 160 5079 (Bryn)

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Chocolate Courses

Have you always wanted to learn how to make chocolates at home? Well now it's possible!

1. Chocolate truffle making course

chocolate courses
Course fee:
  • 1 person: 65€
  • 2 people: 120€
  • 4 people: 200€


This course lasts about 1,5-2 hours. On this course you will…

  • Learn to make truffles using the same techniques and equipment as professional chocolatiers
  • Learn more about chocolate; where chocolate comes from, little chocolate tasting, how and why to temper the chocolate
  • Learn to make your own ganache/filling
  • Learn to pipe the truffles
  • Decorate the truffles
  • Pack the truffles you’ve made and take them home
  • Get to take the truffle recipe home

Next course dates:


Tuesday 26.1.2016 – 6pm–> (3 places left)


Thursday 11.2.2016 – 6pm–> (4 places left)

Wednesday 17.2.2016 – 6pm–> THIS COURSE IS FULL

MAY 2016:

Thursday 12.5.2016 – 6pm–> (2 places left) – course in Finnish

Wednesday 18.5.2016 – 6pm–> (6 places left) – course in Finnish

JUNE 2016:

Friday 3.6.2016 – 6pm–> (FULL) – course in English

JULY 2016:

Wednesday 13.7.2016 – 6pm–> (6 places left) – course in Finnish

To book this course, please email us at info@arcticchoc.com. If you already have your own group ready, we can also hold private lessons (min. 4ppl)

melted chocolate
chocolate courses


Portti 7, 02270 Espoo, Suomi/Finland (Behind Gigantti)




 +35840 160 5070 (Tiia)

News & Events

You can find us and buy our products from the following markets, exhibitions and happenings:




  • 23.1.2016: Love Me Do 2016, Helsingin Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki, Suomi/Finland





  • 13.5.2016: K-Supermarket Arabia, Hämeentie 111, 00560 Helsinki, Suomi/Finland



  • 17.6.2016 – Between 12-18.00 K-Supermarket Mankkaa, Sinikalliontie 1, 02630 Espoo, Suomi/Finland



  • 12.8.2016 –  Between 12-18.00 K-Supermarket Malminmäki, Malminkorpi 2, 02280 Espoo, Suomi/Finland
  • 19.8.2016 – Between 12-18.00 K-Supermarket Hämeenkylä, Ainontie 1, 01630 Vantaa, Suomi/Finland
  • 20.8.2016 – Between 12-18.00 K-Citymarket Sello, Leppävaarankatu 3, 02600 Espoo, Suomi/Finland
  • 26.8.2016 – Between 12-18.00 K-Supermarket Niipperi, Niipperintie 3, 02920 Espoo, Suomi/Finland



  • 2.9.2016 – Between 13-19.00 K-Citymarket Iso Omena, Piispansilta 11, 02230 Espoo, Suomi/Finland
  • 21-22.9.2016: Bisnespäivät 2016, Helsinki Exhibition Centre, Suomi/Finland



  • 21-23.10.2016: I Love Me 2016, Helsinki Exhibition Centre, Suomi/Finland



  • 11-13.11.2016: ELMA 2016, Helsinki Exhibition Centre, Suomi/Finland








  • 25.4.2015: Espoonkeskuksen Kevätmarkkinat, Espoo, Suomi/Finland



  • 2.5.2015: Kauniaisten Kevätmarkkinat, Kauniainen, Suomi/Finland
  • 3.5.2015: Open Door Day, Juvan Teollisuuskatu 15, 02920 Espoo, Suomi/Finland, Between: 10am-3pm
  • 8.5.2015: K-Market Sorsakivi, Toppelundinportti 3, 02170 Espoo, Suomi/Finland – From 2pm–>
  • 23.5.2015: K-Citymarket Kupittaa, Uudenmaantie 17, 20700 Turku, Suomi/Finland – From 10am–>



  • 7.6.2015: Hakaniemen Maalaismarkkinat, Helsinki, Suomi/Finland
  • 9.6.2015: Lähiruokatreffit, Wanha Satama, Helsinki, Suomi/Finland – organizers: Ruokakesko & Ruokatieto
  • 26.6.2015: K-Supermarket Aurora, Kylänportti 16, 02940 Espoo, Suomi/Finland





  • 25.9.2015: K-Supermarket Hämeenkylä, Vantaa, Suomi/Finland – Between 11.00-18.00
  • 26.9.2015: K-Citymarket Hyvinkää, Suomi/Finland – Between 10.00-16.00



  • 2.10.2015: K-Citymarket Kirkkonummi, Suomi/Finland – Between 12.00-19.00
  • 16-18.10.2015: I Love Me 2015 / Luonnollisesti, Helsingin Messukeskus, Helsinki, Suomi/Finland



Cocoa Nibs

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